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Sky Partnership

Exciting Developments for the Centre


The SKY Up digital hub launch at The BridgeLink Centre on March 27th 2023.


This is a really exciting partnership enabling us to offer a great range of digital support, WiFi, computing, podcasting and social facilities to centre users from the Isleworth community.

SKY have supported the centre with refurbishments to our cafe and IT Suite, upgraded WiFI and a range on digital equipment as part of their committment to breakdown digital exclusion – especially among the under 25s and over 65s. 

Watch this space for upcoming news on digital courses and opportunities at The BridgeLink Centre . 


The partnership between Sky and Bridgelink is a collaborative effort to provide free Wi-Fi and digital skills training to the community of Isleworth. Sky will provide the BridgeLink Community Centre with free Wi-Fi, access to digital devices, and digital skills training. The community centre serves over 3,000 residents in Isleworth, and as a major local employer with its group headquarters in Isleworth, Sky has launched the Digital Hub to tackle digital inequality and support people who are digitally excluded.

The internet upgrades are part of this partnership, and will provide the community centre with fast, reliable internet access. This will allow residents to access online services, take online courses, and stay connected with friends and family. The internet upgrades will also allow the community centre to offer digital skills training to residents, helping them to learn how to use the internet safely and effectively.

This partnership is a positive step towards addressing digital inequality in Isleworth. By providing free Wi-Fi and digital skills training, Sky and Bridgelink are helping to bridge the digital divide and ensure that everyone in the community has the opportunity to access the benefits of the internet.